About Helix

The DNA Decoder is a small organisation of wellness professionals offering personalised services and products related to genomic wellness. We interpret the 23&Me genetic profiles in an easy to understand format that helps our clients recognise their predispositions for specific domains of wellness, such as inflammation, detoxification and energy metabolism.

There is a lot of information online about genetic variants and supplements. It’s overwhelming and confusing, even using the interpretation reports offered by other organisations.

We are committed to fully researching each variant in our reports and keeping on top of the research into wellness variants and nutrigenomics. If we can’t find evidence that a variant makes a difference to your health, we don’t include it (unlike our competitors).

Apart from our interpretation report (Explore Report) we offer nutrition and lifestyle strategies along with specific programs for wellness, SlimGenes and CalmGenes. Dr Elvira Zilliacus is the owner and genetic counsellor for DNA Decoder. She is supported by her Operations Manager, Peter White PhD.

Our mission statement

Support people's journey of self-transformation through integrated & personalised wellness advice and programs;

Educate wellness leaders in the use of Helix interpretation report and promote our integrated wellness programs;

Create a collaborative community of wellness leaders dedicated to integrated care;

Become leaders in communicating the power of personalised integrated wellness.

Dr Elvira Zilliacus – Founder, DNA Decoder

Hi, my name is Elvira, I consider myself a Wellness Detective. As an experienced kinesiologist and genetic practitioner, I help people who are confused by their health and lost in the health journey to:

Get answers

Regain their energy and motivation

Restore confidence in their ability to be well in body, mind and spirit

What I’m really passionate about is helping people to get back in charge of their own health so that they can reclaim their life and design their own well-being. I established DNA Decoder to help people transform their lives. I know I can help you to experience true wellness

Elvira's bio

Elvira has over 15 years experience in genetic counselling and research and provides the ability to explain complex genetics in ‘plain English’. With a background in adult education, teaching Masters level Genetic Counselling, research and kinesiology, Elvira bridges both the worlds of classic genetics and complementary medicine.


Bachelor of Science

Masters of Genetic Counselling

PhD (Genetic education)

CertIV Kinesiology

Neural Organisation Technique

Neurospiritual Integration

Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics

Maternal & Paediatric Implications due to MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction

MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction in Paediatrics