Our priority is to provide evidence based, effective strategies, to help you with your wellness journey.
Every program is personally tailored because our focus is you - your predispositions, your symptoms and your lifestyle.
Designed by our team of expert practitioners, we work with you to develop a strategy that will help you reach optimal health faster, and provide you with the coaching and support to stay on target. Body, mind and spirit because our goal is health at every level.

Our programs give you a highly personalised and targeted strategy to allow you to reach your health goals faster.

SlimGenes Program

If you're frustrated with rebound weight, feel like your battling your body and you've tried every diet, it’s time to get personal. SlimGenes is a powerful personalised plan that ensures your diet and lifestyle are aligned with your unique needs. Using our step-by-step process over a 12 week period, we’ll support your journey back to a body you love being in.


Evidence-based strategies for healthy weight

No calorie counting! We promise.

Designed by a nutrigenomic counsellor and functional nutritionist.

Personalised dietary & lifestyle plans

Integrated body-mind coaching and support



Using our tailored nutrigenomic strategies and state-of-the-art Body-Mind techniques, we can help you bring your headspace back into balance, relieving anxiety and depression, allowing you to align with your full potential.


Fully supported by qualified practitioners

Tailored nutrigenomic programs to support healthy neurotransmitter balance

Simple techniques to increase calm, connection and clarity

Uses Body-Mind techniques such as hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Mindfulness, Kinesiology