Offer a more integrated service for your clients with genetic assessments & programs

Understanding your clients genetic makeup can help you deliver more effective solutions for them and improved referrals. At Vital Genes, we provide a suite of genetic-based testing, programs and training products and services to incorporate into your field of clinical practice. Our DNA Decoder Report, and integrated weight loss and stress management programs, are focused on the clients wellness, not on potential for inherited diseases. Join us today to learn how you can get more patients, better results, and revolutionize your clinic by bringing genetics into practice.

With 20 years experience as a genetic counsellor and in genetic education, Elvira can help you with bringing genetics into your practice. Please contact Elvira if you have any questions or concerns.

Elvira organises regular webinars to introduce the key concepts and opportunities for integrating genetics into your clinic practice. Join the next webinar now to find out:

  • how genetics can be easy, even if it wasn't covered in your training;
  • how to use the power of genetic profiling to get to the root cause quickly;
  • how to use the power of nutrigenomics to activate your client's health potential;
  • how to use the power of epigenetics for long lasting wellbeing and preventative care.

  • By implementing a whole body model of complementary genetics you will have the opportunity to leverage your marketing message to elevate your business for greater success. With the public's increasing awareness of the role of genetics in maintaining good health and dealing with wellness issues, there can only be an increasing demand for genetic risk assessment reporting and personalised wellness strategies to more effectively deal with health issues and aspirations.

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