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July 16, 2015
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July 25, 2015
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DNA Decoder Report


Your DNA Decoder Report translates your 23&Me results within minutes. Simply upload your 23andMe zip file and download your report straight to your computer in a PDF format.

Click on the image to take a look inside.

We've made understanding your results easy with:

  1. results categorized using a simple 'traffic light' system.
  2. over 150 snps instantly translated
  3. Gene name, identifier, function, risk allele and your result all listed – so you can fully research any gene you want

All the work done for you – after hundreds of hours of research, we've chosen only scientifically validated variants for your report; so you only need to think about variants that can undermine your health,  not an overwhelming numbers of benign variants that don't affect you.

We've got you covered! Our report covers major health pathways:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Oxidative stress
  3. Detoxification
  4. Methylation (including MTHFR status)
  5. Mitochondrial function
  6. Blood pressure regulation
  7. Clotting factors
  8. Fat metabolism & weight management
  9. Energy metabolism
  10. Allergy and Immune Function
  11. Thyroid health
  12. Cholesterol regulation
  13. Lactose tolerance
  14. Vitamin metabolism
  15. Gluten tolerance
  16. Vitamin D metabolism
  17. Behaviour

Please note: If you haven't already had genetic testing, you can order your test kit through 23andMe here.

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  • Engage report


    The Helix Engage gives you personalised strategies using nutrigenoimcs, diet and lifestyle to optimise your wellness. Inside the report, not only will you see your genetic results from Helix Explore, but you will also find information that is tailored to your unique health blueprint, enabling you to improve your health across the most important health domains:

    1. Inflammation
    2. Oxidative stress
    3. Detoxification
    4. Methylation
    5. Blood pressure regulation
    6. Fat metabolism &weight management
    7. Energy metabolism
    8. Immune function
    9. Cholesterol regulation
    10. Allergy
    11. Lactose tolerance
    12. Vitamin metabolism
    13. Gluten tolerance
    14. Vitamin D metabolism

    Helix Engage is perfect for those wanting to integrate their diet and lifestyle with their genetics on a daily basis, or who are working with a health practitioner that needs a little more guidance.

    NOTE: Helix Engage is personally prepared by our qualified genetic counselor and optimal wellness consultant. It is not an automated report and as such will take approximately 5-7 days to deliver.

    Please purchase the 23&me kit if you do not already have your raw genetic data file.

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  • Helix Empower Package


    The Helix Empower Package consists of an Explore Report, an Engage Report plus two 1-hour consultations with one of our natural therapists to help you keep on track with the recommendations within the Engage Report.You will need to provide your 23&Me genetic test results – if you do NOT have this then you will need to purchase a test kit from us or directly from 23&Me (Package price does not include test kit price).

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