Are you ready to take control of your life?

Did you know that you can convert your 23&Me ancestry data into a powerful blueprint for wellness?

By understanding your unique DNA profile and how it interacts with your diet, lifestyle and environment you can:

  • Better support your body for on-going physical and mental wellness;
  • Design personalised wellness strategies that are specific to your own genes and needs;
  • Avoid or minimise foods, alcohol, pharmaceutical medicines and lifestyles that conflict with your genes;
  • Reclaim the vitality, confidence and freedom of health at every level.
  • Introducing the DNA Decoder Report

    The DNA Decoder Report provides you with a risk assessment for several hundred variants of key genes associated with cellular and structural health (not disease). We are only focused on optimising your cellular wellness to increase your chances of preventing disease and conditions from developing.

    The Report is the first step in taking responsibility for understanding your potential for wellness at the cellular level. Based on extensive review of the latest research in genetics, especially nutrigenomics, it:

  • covers over 15 health pathways and domains such as methylation, detoxification, inflammation, weight and energy metabolism;
  • creates a simple visual system of traffic light colours to immediately indicate your risk levels;
  • only includes, unlike our competitors, clinically relevant genes associated with wellness;
  • is regularly updated and responsive to clinician requests.
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    How to decode your 23&Me results


    Order your DNA test kit

    If you do not have your genetic test results, you can order your DNA test kit on-line from 23&Me.

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    Unlock your results

    Upload your raw data (ZIP file) onto our Helix website results portal for immediate access to your DNA Decoder Report to interpret your test results. Start here.

    Take your health further

    Our wellness programs are designed just for you by our expert team of health professionals.
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